For Coaches

Elite and professional sports coaching is the ultimate performance occupation.

All too often coaches are ill-equipped to meet the many competing demands of coaching at the highest level.

As a consequence, many coaches rely on their accreditation and experience to get them through. Unfortunately, accreditation and experience alone are not enough to succeed at the highest levels of elite and professional sports coaching.

Our approach is different to most but has yielded incredible results for coaches who are willing to learn, commit and persevere. We have an outstanding track record of success of working with elite and professional coaches who have risen to the top of their chosen fields.

The L.E.A.D.S. Total Coaching Model

Our LEADS Total Coaching Model assumes that accreditation and experience are the platform to building a successful and sustainable career.

Using the latest psychological and coaching research, we customise our programs to the context of the specific coaching environment, the current coaching capabilities and the immediate, medium and longer-term priorities.

Critical in this process is the use of our proprietary tools. We focus on helping coaches:

  • assess and develop self-awareness;
  • evaluate and build their coaching capabilities & effectiveness;
  • evaluate and develop current coaching staff;
  • build an integrated, high performance coaching system; and
  • develop an over-arching total coaching blueprint

Talk to us now about how you can take your elite/professional coaching career to the next level.