For Clubs

The economic and commercial reality for most sporting clubs and franchises is that they struggle for profitability.

The intense competition for talented athletes coupled with cost pressures that result from employing quality staff, travel & accommodation expenses, investments in technology and marketing & promotional activities mean that never before has the revenue side of the P&L been under more pressure.

For this reason, it is imperative that the Club sees itself as a business where the Executive is accountable for growing all aspects of income in a sustainable way, not relying on handouts from codes, governments or philanthropic benefactors.

When we work with Clubs, we have one over-riding goal and that is to help develop a strategic plan and operating model that will enable significant free cash flow to be generated. We strongly encourage the Clubs we work with to have this as their central focus because their very survival depends on it.

Sustainable Profitability Isn’t Enough

Experience has taught us that in sport, the ability to make money alone will not necessarily translate into on-field success.

What’s also required is an integrated organisation between front and back office with clear governance, accountability that is driven by effective leadership. The bottom line is that successful clubs and franchises are run as effective systems with clear leadership and accountability at all levels (across the front and back office).

Leadership and Capability Drive Results

It is the leadership and accountability mindset (at all levels of the organisation) that enable a strategic plan to be turned into an operating model. Without leadership and a shared understanding of what accountability means, there can be no results.

Our work with clubs and franchises is focused on 6 key areas:

  • Advice to Boards
  • Effective governance and organisational design
  • Strategic planning and operating model development
  • Organisational leadership development
  • Creating high performance systems
  • Coaching staff selection and professional development

If you’re serious about moving your sporting organisation out of the red, into the black and achieving sustainable performance and results, then you’re ready to talk to us.