Professional sport in the modern era is a unique business covering entertainment, event management, merchandising, sponsorship, membership, talent management, sport science, community building and philanthropy. This business of sport requires a truly unique set of capabilities.

An Outstanding Track Record of Success in Sport

We have a long history of successfully working in professional and elite sport.

Our track record includes working with NRL premiership winning clubs and players, ATP tennis stars, elite Rugby Union teams, Olympic level swimming teams (Europe) as well as elite team and individual athletes from a wide variety of sports.

Some of Australia’s best known academic sport science programs in Sport Psychology, Sport Coaching and Sport Sociology have benefited from our expertise through lecturing, academic supervision of honours thesis students, publication of academic articles in International Sport Psychology Journals and the development of sport psychology instruments used at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Deep Sport Science Capabilities

Our deep knowledge of sport science theory and principles has enabled us to achieve some major innovations including; authoring Australia’s first undergraduate sport psychology degree, the world’s first holistic and integrated sport science program for elite ATP tennis players, Australia’s first government approved Personal Training Certification and the establishment of Australia’s first industry body for Personal Trainers. The World’s first Wellbeing Management Program for Elite and Professional Athletes.

Our performance psychology services help athletes deal with the challenges of peak performance and the pressures that modern sport creates in other domains of an athlete’s life. We have an extensive track record of success in helping professional elite athletes with issues around confidence, anxiety, consistency and resilience.

Our athlete career management framework helps athletes maximise their potential during and post career by focusing on Life Design Principles not simply career interests and job placement opportunities.

Business Acumen

Our international business acumen has been honed in consulting to some of the world’s largest (Global 100) and most agile companies (Silicon Valley), in Australia, USA, The Middle East and Europe. We have also consulted to government in Australia and internationally.

As a consequence of this experience we have deep capabilities in strategy, business growth and transformation, organisational (re)design, branding, systems improvement, leadership and culture.