Corporate Wellbeing Training

Wellbeing Training with Meaning


  • the action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behaviour.
    ‘in-service training for staff’


  • Teach a person a particular skill or type of behaviour through sustained practice and instruction.
    ‘the program trains people for leadership’


  • usually as adjective trained. Develop and improve through instruction or practice.
    ‘he trained as a leader’

Our approach to training returns to its original meaning and intent.

Capability Transfer = Behaviour Change

When it comes to Corporate Wellbeing Training, we believe that the best way to improve organisational wellbeing and create sustainable behaviour change is through building and applying capability.

The key drivers of wellbeing improvements are:

  • autonomy
  • capability
  • relatedness

The bottom line is that sustainable wellbeing improvements come from the practice of wellbeing – not the theory.  They also do not come from brochures, flyers, one-off motivational speeches or “infotainment”.

User-Centric Wellbeing Training

In our approach, unlike most training, the end user decides what training is right for them.  It could include:

  • developing a strategic Wellbeing Blueprint for an organisation, or
  • designing a Wellbeing ‘train the trainer’ program for in house delivery, or
  • creating customised Wellbeing plans for individuals,

So if you’re ready to have a serious conversation about how to improve the wellbeing of your organisation, then we’d love to talk.