The Corporate Wellbeing industry is rife with organisations dedicated to fruit boxes, information pamphlets, motivational talks and corporate fitness programs. Yet all the evidence says these types of initiatives add little value when it comes to employee engagement, commitment and change in wellbeing behaviour.

Aligning Wellbeing with Strategy and People

Our approach begins with the organisation’s business strategy, organisational design, people strategy and employment value propositions. We focus on understanding the value drivers of an organisation before we even start discussing wellbeing.

We then help the organisation develop a Wellbeing Blueprint based on the value drivers of the business and how the business can support proactive, developmental and customised wellbeing initiatives and plans at all levels of the organisation.

We Focus on the Science of Wellbeing

Our unique evidence-based process, proprietary tools and subject matter expertise ensures that every person has a wellbeing plan that is aligned to their personal values with clear goals and a measureable plan for their achievement.

Our approach results in a healthier, more positive and passionate workforce who believe that the organisation genuinely cares about them as people.  The outcome is a significant boost in discretionary effort across the organisation which enables greater value creation.

Our Change Expertise Maximises Effectiveness

Our thirty years of significant change experience (both international and domestic) ensures that we are able to navigate the most complex or the most nimble organisations, to ensure value-adding outcomes.

By applying our reality-based change management principles combined with our knowledge and skills transfer, we ensure that the organisation has the commitment and capability to lead and deliver the Wellbeing Blueprint and implementation plan. We act as Corporate Wellbeing advisers and capability builders – your success is our success.

If you would like to create a value-adding Wellbeing Blueprint for your organisation, it’s time for us to talk.