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Sleep like a champion – become your own quality sleep coach

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Take this sleep experiment – it can literally change your life.

As many elite athletes know, quality sleep is the ultimate performance maximiser.

Get it right and the benefits go far beyond physical performance. Getting quality sleep, on a regular basis, is fundamental to psychological wellbeing, judgement, decision making, relationships, productivity, life satisfaction, vitality, and overall wellbeing.

Sleep also has long-term health benefits.

Many people aren’t aware that during sleep, our glymphatic system, our brain’s cleaning system, does its best work. It’s while we’re sleeping that many of our brain’s waste products and other unhelpful proteins are removed.

If we don’t get good quality sleep, these waste products and proteins, such as amyloid beta are not flushed out by our CSF. These waste products and proteins can bind together and cause a build-up of plaque in our brains and this is thought to be one of the key contributors to brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Our research indicates that for the vast majority of people making small changes to our sleep routines and practices, can make a huge difference.

So if you’d like to improve the quality of your sleep and learn to sleep like a champion take the sleep experiment.

Take the sleep experiment (it’s free)

Step 1. Download and complete the Quality Sleep Questionnaire© (here)

Step 2. We’ll then give you access to the Quality Sleep Questionnaire©  scoring key and a sleep diary (available from March 6, 2018)

Step 3. We’ll help you self-assess your sleep improvement areas and develop strategies to improve the quality of your sleep

Step 4. Implement changes to your sleep routines and practices based on your self-assessment

Step 5. Retake the Quality Sleep Questionnaire© and see how much your sleep score has improved

The whole sleep experiment process takes a week – once you get started – but can make a lifetime of difference.