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The Wellbeing Playbook is a 28 day program of evidence-based activities scientifically proven to have a positive impact on different aspects of whole-person wellbeing. For the first time we’re offering you access to the Wellbeing Playbook,  absolutely free – no strings attached.

What’s Involved? The Wellbeing Playbook runs for 28 days and commences on 1st September 2021.

Wellbeing happens when we move toward our whole person potential and are able to live our lives in alignment with our true values. Living our lives in this way not only provides us with an incredible sense of meaning and purpose but also provides us with a true source of cultural and psychological motivation.

In essence this playbook is an invitation to help you to create a roadmap for your wellbeing. By following this roadmap we hope that it will enhance your self-awareness, improve your self-care and enable you to authentically move toward more of the people, connections and experiences that really matter to you.

The Wellbeing Playbook is divided into 4 weekly themes.

Week 1 – Self-awareness

Week 2 – Self-care

Week 3 – Authenticity

Week 4 – Connection

Each day you’ll receive 1 activity to your email to complete that will have a positive impact on your wellbeing. At the end of each week we’ll ask you to decide which activities worked best for you and which ones you’d like to keep doing.  At the end of the 28 days you’ll choose 2 activities from each week that had the greatest impact, to carry forward.  The only condition of participating in the Program is that you must agree to complete the 2 surveys, one before you start the program and one once you have finished the program and  all 28 activities.  To sign up for The Wellbeing Playbook simply click  Register Now.



Football Queensland has today released a Wellbeing Awareness Guide for Queensland clubs in partnership with the Wellbeing Science Institute (WSI).  Housed on the Club Support Hub, the guide is the latest in a suite of resources designed by FQ to provide an increased level of support to clubs across the state.  “In line with the Strategic Plan, Football Queensland is committed to providing high-quality participation experiences for all involved in our game,” FQ CEO Robert Cavallucci said.  “The player-centred guide released today has been developed by FQ to reinforce the importance of player wellbeing, providing valuable insights for clubs to improve the health and wellbeing of their participants through a range of resources.  “As we live through an unprecedented time with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the world, the wellbeing of our participants and members of our football community has never been more important”. Read more

*Source : Football Queensland
16 May, 2021

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COVID-19 Wellbeing Playbook | League Managers Association.

It’s been a great honour to partner with the UK-based League Managers Association to produce this set of interactive guides that were born out of the challenges presented by the global COVID-19 pandemic to help the LMA support its members.  The guides, provide a collection of simple theories and tools that LMA members can use to respond to many of the challenges the pandemic has thrown at them. Whilst created during the pandemic, these guides provided a set of evidence-based exercises and tools that can be used at any time.

The 5 interactive playbook’s topics included;
1.     Leading Self
2.     Leading Your Team
3.     Leading Player’s
4.     Leading the Environment
5.     Career Development

A big thanks to Jim Souter and the entire LMA team and their members for their support.

If you would like to know more about COVID-19 Wellbeing Playbooks for your Organisation or Team, please contact us. 

20 March, 2021

National Rugby League  and Wellbeing Science Institute launch Youth Wellbeing Playbook.

The Youth Version of the National Rugby League Wellbeing Playbook was launched at the annual NRL Wellbeing & Education Conference in the beautiful Hunter Valley in NSW. The earlier young people get exposure to the protective skills that lead to flourishing, the less likely it is they end up with mental ill-health in their adult years. If we want to help people avoid mental ill-health these are the skills we should promote. A big thank you to the NRL Wellbeing & Education team and the Rugby League Players (RLPA) for supporting the development of the program.

National Rugby League Youth Wellbeing Playbook

How we think, feel and act has a really strong influence on our overall wellbeing. The good news is we all have the power to influence our wellbeing in a positive way simply by becoming more aware of the things that really matter to us and by taking good care of our body and our mind. At the same time, if we trust ourselves and we are kind and caring to other people, we are more likely to feel good about ourselves, and enjoy the good things life has to offer us. This Wellbeing Playbook is like a roadmap for you to try some things that have been proven to have a positive impact on wellbeing for young people. The playbook is organised into 4 x 7-day blocks. Each block has an activity to do each day. In total there are 28 activities – one for each day. If you would like to know more, please contact us


Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management Course launches in the UK.

We are excited to announce that our first international program kicked off at Loughborough University in the UK on 21 January, 2020  Wellbeing professionals from the English Premier League, USA Rugby, Rugby League, Gaelic football, The League Managers Association and Loughborough University were a part of the launch. Loughborough is a great venue to host the program, not just because of its extensive sport science, research and teaching capability but also because Loughborough is home to 12 English Institute of Sport major programs. Simon Wombwell, Education and Development Manager (Performance Sport), Loughborough University, added: “In order for Loughborough University to continue to cement its position as the world’s best sporting university, we must continually look to learn from high calibre examples globally.  As part of this, we are proud to be the first European host site for the Wellbeing Science Institute Certificate IV in Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management as it aligns with our values of supporting wellbeing to enhance holistic performance.” Find out more.

Playing Wellbeing Forward: Neil Mackay’s Story

We are often asked by people, what they can expect from the Certificate IV in Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management course and given your previous interest (or involvement), we thought you might be interested to hear first-hand from one of our recent students, Neil MacKay, about how he has put the learning and wellbeing tools into practice.

In this short interview, Neil shares how the Certificate IV Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management course impacted him, and how he has been able to translate the learning into an inspiring program PBC Reds for his students at Palm Beach Currumbin State High on the Gold Coast.

His story shows how the learning & resources from the Course, combined with the passion and commitment of a Wellbeing Professional like Neil, can result in an immediate and significant difference to the wellbeing of athletes. In this case, Neil works with student athletes, and this is a great example of how the learning from the Course can be easily transferred to other domains, like education. Enjoy!

Australian Professional Cricket Investing in Wellbeing

Many professional sports have a desire to improve the wellbeing of athletes.  However few are to willing to make the investments that pay off for athletes – during and after – their athletic careers.  The Australian Cricketers Association (ACA) decided to do things differently.  They invited current professional players, and the people who take care of their wellbeing (Player Development Managers) to both participate in Australia’s first holistic athlete wellbeing management course.  By completing the Course, both Players and PDMs got the opportunity to work together to learn valuable skills that can be applied in athlete’s lives.  Because if both athletes and PDMs have the skills that enable better wellbeing outcomes – before problems arise – not only do they enjoy higher levels of wellbeing, they are able to pass on these skills to others, when they might need them.  Player and PDM feedback was conclusive – the Course made a real difference.  Don’t just take our word for it, hear what they have to say.

Introducing the 2018/2019 Indigenous Scholarships

We’re very excited to announce our first Indigenous Scholarships for the Certificate IV in Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management.  Over the next 12 months we’ll be offering 6 full and 6 half scholarships for our courses in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne, valued at over $60,000. The scholarships will also include mentoring in partnership with the Eora College.  If you – or someone you know – is an Indigenous Australian working in sport, with a passion for making a difference to whole-person athlete wellbeing, contact for an application pack. Hear more about this exciting opportunity from Jasmin Allende – part of the NRL Elite Women’s squad & current course participant.

Introducing the Certificate IV in Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management

We are excited to launch the World’s first accreditation program for elite athlete wellbeing management. The Certificate IV in Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management is the first program to address elite athlete wellbeing from a holistic, developmental, evidence-based perspective. The Program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to work with elite athletes, coaches and officials to ensure they move toward their whole person potential.